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Bouzov (22 km) - www.hrad-bouzov.cz
The most beautiful castle of Moravia. Last rebuilt in 1896 – 1901 for representative events.

Sovinec (12 km) - www.sovinec.cz The well preserved castle however it burned out in 1945. It is under reconstruction just now. There is falconry center and lots of knights’ tournaments take place here.

Úsov (5 km) - www.usov-muzeum.cz The precocious baroque castle with guns and trophy collections. Castle was build by famous family Liechtenstein.

Velké Losiny (35 km) - www.losiny.cz The recreation castle built in 1580 – 1589. It is well known from the movie Kladivo na čarodějnice. There is the original interior from 17th century and baroque paintings gallery

Javoříčko (20 km) The protected native area with amazing stalactical caves. The village Javoříčko burnt out at the very end of World War II.

Karlova Studánka (20 km) The well-known climatic baths in the center of Jeseniky Mountains. There are sanative waters and the clearest climate in the central Europe.

Walking trips Protected landscape area Litovelské Pomoraví - bottomland forest9000 ha large with saved original nature (fauna and flora).